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Gabon Ambassador Baudelaire NDONG ELLA Participated In The Event --“Spring Festival in Xi’an, Ambassadors’ Visit”


H.E.Mr. NDONG ELLA, Ambassador of Gabon to China recently participated in the event “Spring Festival in Xi’an, Ambassadors’ Visit” together with foreign envoys from 11 countries, including Mr. Selim Belortaja, Ambassador of Albania to China, Mr. Larrea, Ambassador of Ecuador to China, and Mrs. Patty Chen, Ambassador of Suriname to China.

[Visit to the Grand Daming Palace, Mr. NDONG ELLA, Ambassador of Gabon (in the middle), Mr. Mr. Carlos Larrea, Ambassador of Ecuador (on the left) and Mr. Mr. Antonia Hugh, Ambassador of Jamaica (on the right)]

H.E.Mr. NDONG ELLA and the party walked into the old steelmaking plant, Design and Creative Industrial Park, the Daming Palace National Relics Park as well as Xi’an International Trade and Logistic Park for experiencing traditional Chinese culture and appreciating Xi’an’s history and humanities.

Talking about the event,Spring Festival in Xi’an, Ambassadors’ Visit”, It gives me a great pleasure to participate in the ambassador's visit to Xi 'An for understanding the ancient capital of Xi 'An and feeling closely the unique cultural charm of Xi 'An. Although the Chinese New Year has just ended, the streets and lanes of Xi 'An are still full of folk features of China. The whole city is enveloped in a festive and peaceful atmosphere. Personally, I think Xi 'An is not only traditional and classical, but also modern and creative”, said Mr. NDONG ELLA, Ambassador of Gabon.

“I hope that more Gabonese may get a chance to know the Chinese traditional culture, experience the hospitality of the Chinese people. At the same time, we would like to invite more Chinese people to visit our country for its natural beauty and enjoy the world famous Okondja Coffee,” Mr. NDONG ELLA also said.

Mr. NDONG ELLA made the statement that Gabon is a tourist country and tourism development has always been one of the national priorities. The Gabonese government highly admires and respects the One Belt And One Road initiative which was put forward by President Xi Jinping and looks forward to signing the relevant document with China on participating in BRI at an early date so as to advance more in- depth cooperation between the two countries in such areas as improving trade, development, infrastructure and personnel exchanges, promoting bilateral silk road integration and enhancing the all-round development of bilateral relations at a deeper level.



Publié le : 31 / 03 / 2019